Our Story

Lehi Ole Town Barber opened in 2001 at it's original location in historic downtown Lehi. Dustin Delimata took over ownership in 2018 and created Good Brother Barbers.

In 2020, he started the process to expand and moved from the original shop, to a bigger location, where Good Brother Barbers could grow. More space, allowed Good Brother Barbers to become a hub for the community, just as barbershops of the past. Dustin's love for the past and the tradition of barbering is what inspired this move and expansion.

In the process of building out the new location, Wallace reached out to Dustin to see if he was in need of a barber. With the opportunity of growth, Dustin jumped at the opportunity to work along side Wallace and bring him on board. With them both having a similar vision for the future of Good Brother Barbers, as long as similar values and work ethic, the opened the new location in June of 2021.

A few short months later, the growth and the reception of the shop was remarkable and received well by the community, driving a need to add more barbers and quickly fill the remaining chairs. Tanner and Stitch were handpicked by Dustin and Wallace and brought on to create a Brotherhood of Barbers to serve the community of Lehi with high quality services and friendships with those who visit us. Customers become much more than that, here at Good Brother Barbers; our hope is to make you feel welcome, to help you relax, and to look better and feel better.

Come hang out with us, laugh with us, and make friendships. Call us, for a good time!